Commercial Ice Makers

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What are Commercial Ice Makers?

Commercial ice makers as the name suggests are machines that make and dispense ice. These are usually used in commercial establishments and stores like restaurants, ice cream parlors, hotels, supermarkets, and cafeterias, among other businesses.

Commercial ice makers come in two different types such as best built in undercounter ice maker and countertop ice maker. Businesses can choose what commercial ice makers to purchase depending on the size of the business and the amount of ice the business needs for a 24-hour operation. Capacity-wise, small commercial ice makers produce less than what a bigger unit can provide. While some smaller businesses may need only 300 pounds of ice in a day and therefore will only require a smaller unit, bigger restaurants may require 1,000 pounds a day and would need a bigger machine with a remote condenser.

The type of ice maker a company uses depends on mainly on preferences and needs, with types varying from shaved, cube, nugget, and flake ice. Flake ice is usually used for food displays, while cube ice is used mainly in drinks. Ice makers can even produce gourmet ice that adds a little fun to drinks.

Space limitations are also important deciding factors; smaller businesses can purchase a compact unit that combines the ice maker unit with the dispenser bin. These types of commercial ice makers can not only fit under the counter, they also provide convenience since the ice can be easily scooped from the bin.

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Why buy Commercial Ice Makers?

Commercial ice makers are essential to a business’ operation, especially if it is in the food service industry. Having an “in-house” ice maker as opposed to having ice delivered is a more cost effective and convenient solution for businesses that need ice for its daily operations. Commercial ice makers ensure that ice is in constant and abundant supply.

Additional Information

These kinds of machines will need a temperature controlled room to operate properly. Undercounter units are smaller and expel hot air from the units’ back end into the building interior. Bigger units usually come with a remote condenser that expels the hot air through a condenser located outside the building. Units with remote condensers help in keeping down air conditioning costs, especially during the summer months. Warm ambient temperatures can affect the machine’s performance and your customers’ comfort so units without remote condensers will require air conditioning to cancel out the excess heat and keep the unit in proper operation.

In addition, commercial ice makers should not be placed directly on the floor as it needs proper air circulation on all sides. Units will also need to be uphill from a floor drain.